About me

Hi there!

My name is Nicole van Overveld and I love languages. I have many years of experience in writing all sorts of texts, both for online use (website, email, social media, SEA) and off-line use (letters, flyers and print media). I was an online marketing manager for several years for a large Dutch bank (Rabobank) on national level, so I know what I’m talking about. And I got a masters degree in mechanical engineering.

So yeah, I love diversity in my subjects and I’m curious by nature. Why not ask me to help you and your company to? Do you want your customers to understand your communication better? Do you want to improve your search results in Google? Do you want to increase sales on your web shop or improve your presence in social media? I know what to do, to achieve the results you desire.

I am familiar with financial content, management documents, advertising, NGO’s and not-for-profit, marketing, medical and even technical and (popular) scientific subjects. (See? Graduating from the TU/e was a good thing!). And, by nature I never hesitate to research and own a whole new subject.

What really makes me tick, though, are the truly creative projects. Translating for a good cause, writing game text translating a book or writing a short story when no one is watching. Feel free to wake me up for assignments like that! And, to be fair, I can build you a text like no one can. Feel free to contact me and inquire about my availability, rates or a sample of my wares.

All of my work is subject to my terms and conditions. You can download my Dutch terms and conditions.

 *The picture where I taste my first grasshopper was taken at Rollende Keukens, Westerpark, Amsterdam in 2015. It was nice and crunchy!icon 150_Man-combi-rood