Content * Copywriter

Content creation and copywriting

Writing for online requires a specific skillset. Every text starts with the question who your company wants to be and the “why” of everything your company does. And I will write engaging texts to match your corporate identity. That’s copywriting. You provide the subjects and background information, because you know your own company best. And I’ll help you to effectively express your identity to your clients. Whether you own a commercial webshop (B2C) or an informative website for your business relations (B2B) or if you only express your business identity or your ideals online, I am your content marketeer.

SEO and the customer journey

Every website needs proper search engine optimization (SEO) and a comfortable customer journey, right? Nowadays, the start of all excellent customer service is allowing your customers to find you in their search engines. Fortunately, even Google recognizes and rewards quality content nowadays, so you get better SEO results if you provide better information online.  The forced use of the same search terms in every other line is a thing of the past, fortunately. Of course, it still helps your business and your SEO if you state very clearly what services your company provides. But, if you only drop a lot of words, without comprehensive content to match for your customers, Google will punish your ratings for it.

This way, you just have to make sure the online customer journeys are as smooth as possible. This will only boost customer satisfaction. The better you treat your customers online, the higher your reward will be. Not only by Google, but also thanks to your customers’ recommendations. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Are you looking to start a whole new website? Do you require technical assistance for your website or do you need a visual designer, or an animation specialist? I have worked well with many webdesigners. I can recommend one of my regular contacts who meet your requirements. Together we can set-up your website, build it and fill it with gorgeous and functional content. We can also maintain your website or social media for you, if you so desire.

Experienced in content marketing and copywriting

I’ll organize your website’s content in the most logical way for you and your customers. Content creation, sitemap design, navigation and page advice is also my field of expertise. Are you looking to set-up or improve your social media channels? I can help you with that. My experience stretches well over decade, both as an employee of Rabobank Nederland and Kids Society Erica and as freelance entrepreneur. My services include:

  • copywriting,
  • conversion optimization,
  • customer journey mapping,
  • service design,
  • UX design (usability)
  • email,
  • Google Analytics (reporting, improving SEO and A/B testing)
  • SEA creation,
  • CMS Tridion, Drupal and WordPress.

You can find examples of my work on all the websites and social media of my clients and employers. If you request a sample by email, I’ll hand-pick a set to match your requirements and the services you are looking for. That saves you the time looking through all that content and wondering what was made by me.

Copywriting – portfolio 2017

  • Medicinfo – creating and editing informative medical articles for consumers, on health, healthcare and informal care
  • G4S – interviews, news items for internal and external communications articles to be used in social media and newsletters.
  • Emergenz – social media planning and execution for 2017
  • Kids Society Erica (employed) – all-round communications executive: social media planning and execution, news items and website maintenance

Copywriting – portfolio 2016

  • G4S – News articles, blogs and newsletters about cash solutions, flyers about virtual safety training.
  • HabbEvents – Content creation for the website. Collaborating with Maak het simpel for improved SEO.
  • ResultCare – Creating a customer retention email campaign.
  • nl – Writing and correcting theMarketing terminology list
  • nl – Rewriting the  brandsand categories for improved SEO.
  • HabbEvents – Social strategy and blogs.
  • Seats2Meet Strijp-S – Contributor to the monthly newsletter for freelancers.
  • Bij Tante Betsy – Fair trade and honest yarnshop. Collaboration to improve online success (pro bono).

All of my work is subject to my terms and conditions and privacy statement. You can download my Dutch terms and conditions and privacy statement.