Creative writing * narrative design

Creative writing and editing

Following your input and specifications, I’ll write any text for you. I mainly work on commercial and business texts, but I am also very qualified to produce other prose of any kind. Telling the story of your company, creating an entertaining short story as a present or giveaway for your relations, writing dialogue with clients of creating text and dialogue to be used in a computer game. The more specific your request to me is, the better you’ll like the result. And I just enjoy the creative process, whatever text I get to write.

Writing creative content for you

Additionally, I produce content for social media, news articles, newsletters or blogs, all within the setting you lay out for me. I’ll use the tone of voice and style you require and that matches your company’s or organization’s identity. As a professional, my style is quite flexible, even though I have my own creative preferences. Are you looking for a motivational story for your employees, a convincing business proposal or tender (B2B), commercial content for your customers (B2C) or a critical or analytical piece?

Quality assured: native checks

I’ll produce the text you need, quickly and professionally, and above all: a joy to read. I work in two languages: Dutch and English (US or UK). I work with professional, native English proofreaders in my network for a finishing touch.

Portfolio – creative writing

  • Interviews for my commercial clients (f.i. G4S, Kids Society Erica and Seats2Meet) and producing original content (social, articles, blogs) based on the interviews. My copywriting and my creative assignments tend to blend a little in this category.
  • Creating texts for Unexplored , an indie video game by Ludomotion. Both conceptual and practical development of the story line, world building, descriptions and dialogue. Requested: uplifting, humorous texts that borrow heavily from the classics and clichés of fantasy and sci-fi pop culture. This game has been available on Steam since February 2017 and received many enthusiastic user reviews. The game’s content is still being added to and expanded. We are thinking about building a sequel, if it keeps doing so well.
  • We’re still in the middle of developing Unexplored 2, which will be a much more serious and grim game. There really isn’t that much more I can disclose at this moment, but all will be revealed over the course of 2020/2021. Anyway, enjoy our most recent trailer:

All of my work is subject to my terms and conditions and privacy statement. You can download my Dutch terms and conditions and privacy statement.